About Us

TECHINAUT INNOVATION PRIVATE LIMITED is a pioneer in the non-formal vocational training Institute in the country, with a significant global presence in IT training, Corporate Training, Digital Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Banking & Finance, and Pre-school segment, others skilling and non-formal academic curriculum based training programmes.

TECHINAUT is a combination of the words "TECHNOLOGY" and "ASTRONAUT," and it expresses our goal to achieve the highest levels of achievement in the fields of education, learning, and technology.

As part of our expansion, Techinaut Innovation Pvt. Ltd. has been added so that we can further our unique ideas into the technical field and provide the greatest possible online-offline education as well as other services to the general public. The goal is to make the vision of the Indian Education System a reality. We want to help students meet their educational needs by giving them an intellectual foundation for life.

As we are taking online-offline sessions we are making the application related to every kind of education related to Information Technology, software development and design, customization, implementation, testing and benchmarking, web designing, developing, embedded systems, design and implement, computer system with a dedicated function, mechanical or electrical system, often with real-time computing constraints and complete device often including hardware and mechanical parts and software programs, control devices, internet and network, website hosting, development and designing, hardware & software, mobile app using programmable devices, computers and services. This will help the new generation to choose better career path and grow.