Diploma in C# Programming




    Mode Of Examination

    Online Examination

    Number Of Question: 100 (1 Marks Each)

    Total Time: 120 Min


    Data Types, Variables and Operators:

    Integer, float, decimal and character data types, variable initialization, their scope and lifetime, arithmetic, relational, logical, bitwise and conditional operators.

    Looping Statements:

    If, while, do while, for, switch, continue and goto looping statements.


    Class fundamentals, class methods, constructors, destructors and other reference variables.

    Arrays and Strings:

    Array and string operations, comparison, searching and modifying of strings and the usage of ref, out and variable arguments.

    Object Oriented Concepts:

    Polymorphism, structures, enumeration, inheritance, method overloading and method overriding, abstract class and interface implementation.

    Indexers and Exception Handling:

    Indexers and their properties and mechanisms of exception handling which includes try and catch.

    Console I/O Operations and Stream Classes:

    Reading console input and writing console output operations, byte and character stream classes and attributes.

    Delegates, Generics and LINQ:

    Delegates, events, runtime type, array class, generics and operations of LINQ.

    Reflections, Multithreaded Programming, Collection Classes and Mathematical Functions:

    Collection framework, mathematical classes, rounding functions, iterators and multithreaded programming.

    Namespaces, Preprocessors and Networking:

    Namespaces, preprocessors, URI and network handling.

    Miscellaneous topics:

    Basics of pointers and their operation, accessor controls and string formatting.

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