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Mode Of Examination: Online
Number Of Question: 100 (1 Marks Each)
Total Time: 120 Min



Discrete Time Signals and Systems:

Discrete time systems, their analysis and implementation, discrete time signals, differential equations and the correlation of discrete time signals.

DSP – Basic Signaling:

A/D and D/A converters, signal classification and signal and system processing.

Z transform and its Application – Analysis of the LTI Systems:

Z transforms and its properties, types of Z transforms which include rational, inverse and one sided Z transform and their analysis.

Frequency Analysis of Signals and Systems:

Frequency analysis of discrete and continuous time signals, fourier transform properties, convolution and de-convolution concepts, inverse systems, LTI systems and discrete time signals.

Discrete Fourier Transform – Properties and Applications:

Discrete fourier transforms, their sampling and properties, linear filtering methods on DFT and their frequency analysis.

DFT Efficient Computation – Fast Fourier Transform Algorithms:

Computation of discrete fourier transforms and fast fourier transforms, various approaches to their computation which include filtering and quantization and applications of FFT algorithms.

Discrete Time Systems Implementation:

Realization structures for discrete time systems, FIR system structures, IIR system structures, number representation, state space system analysis, quantization error analysis and bilinear transformations.

Digital Filters Design:

Design of low pass butterworth filters and chebyshev filters, bilinear transformations, filter coefficient quantization, design considerations for filters, FIR filter design using windows, forward and backward difference methods, filter design using frequency sampling method, FIR differentiator design, Hilbert transformer design, IIR filter design, approximation of derivatives, impulse variance, analog filter characteristics, various approximation methods, sampling rate conversion and interpolation techniques.

Multirate Digital Signal Procesing:

Factor decimation and multirate digital signal processing.

Reconstruction of Signals:

A/D Converters and their oversampling, band pass signal sampling and representation, sample and hold concepts and quantization and coding techniques.

Course Currilcum

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