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Hadoop is an open-source software framework for storing data and running applications on clusters of commodity hardware.
It provides massive storage for any kind of data, enormous processing power and the ability to handle virtually limitless concurrent tasks or jobs.


Mode Of Examination

Online Examination

Number Of Question: 100 (1 Marks Each)

Total Time: 120 Min


Basics of Hadoop:

Hadoop ecosytems, history and big data coverage.


Mapreduce basics, data analyzing and hadoop streaming and scaling.

HDFS – Hadoop Distributed File System:

Distributed file systems(HDFS), data flows and interfaces and archives of hadoop.

Hadoop I/O:

I/O and serialization, data integrity, compression and AVRO.

Developing a MapReduce Application:

Features and development of mapreduce.

Working of MapReduce:

Mapreduce jobs, security, hadoop configuration and YARN.

MapReduce Types and Formats:

Mapreduce types and formats.

Administering Hadoop:

HDFS administration and maintenance.


Pig basics, pig latin, user defined functions and data processing operators in pig as well as pig practices.

Hive and HBase:

Hive basics and hive query language as well as the basics, schematic diagrams and metrics of hbase.

ZooKeeper, Sqoop and Cassandra:

Zookeeper basics and zookeeper services, sqoop basics and scoop with hadoop as well as cassandra basics and cassandra with hadoop.

Incubator Projects, Chuckwa, Ambari, Knox and Hadoop Development Tools:

Hadoop incubators and hadoop development tools(HDT), chuckwa with hadoop, ambari with hadoop and knox with hadoop.

Apache Spark, Flume, Lucene, Hama, HCatalog, Mahout, Drill, Crunch and Thrift:

Spark with hadoop, flume with hadoop, lucene with hadoop, hama with hadoop, hcatalog basics and hcatalog with hadoop, mahout with hadoop, drill with hadoop, crunch with hadoop and thrift with hadoop.

Oozie, Orchestration, Hadoop Libraries and Utilities and Miscellaneous Hadoop Applications:

Miscellaneous other hadoop topics which include oozie, orchestration, utilities and libraries of hadoop on various platforms like microsoft, amazon, IBM and other topics in this section include bigtop, impala, storm, kafka and cloudera.

Course Currilcum

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