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Java is a high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language that is designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.
Most often Java is used to build large enterprise class applications. Java works great within corporate environments, or if you're building a very large scale system.


Mode Of Examination

Online Examination

Number Of Question: 100 (1 Marks Each)

Total Time: 120 Min


Data Types, Variables and Arrays:

Integer, character, floating and boolean data types, variables, type casting and conversions and properties of arrays.

Operators and Control Statements:

Arithmetic, bitwise, relational, boolean and assignment operators. The section also contains questions on control statements.

Java Environment & OOPS Concepts:

Oops concepts, jdk, jre, jit and jvm, polymorphism, encapsulation and java buzzwords.

Classes and Methods:

Fundamentals of classes, methods basics, heap and garbage collection, object creation, constructors, access control, string class, method overloading and static keyword, command line arguments and recursion.


The concepts of objects, method overriding, inheritance, abstract class and super.

String Handling:

The character extraction, string handling functions like stringbuffer class and methods, stringjoiner class and other string comparison functions.

Exploring java.lang & java.io:

Various concepts of java.lang like data types, types of classes, character and byte streams, builtin exceptions, rounding functions, system class, byte, short, double and float wrappers, character and boolean wrappers and environment properties.

Serialization & Networking:

Networking basics, server, sockets and httpd class, serialization, deserialization, url class, networking datagrams, htttpresponse and urlconnection class.

Java.util – The Collections Framework:

Aspects of java.util like maps, array list, hash set, tree set, linked list, stacks, vectors, dictionary and hash table, rmi, iterators, collection framework overview, collection interface and algorithms.

Exception Handling:

Basics of exception handling, exception types like throw, throws and nested try.


Basics of multithreading, thread basics, thread creation, isAlive(), join() and thread synchronization basics.

I/O & Applets:

Applets fundamentals, static import, basics of I/O, file reading and writing and reading console i/p and writing console o/p.

Regular Expressions:

Regular expressions and text formatting.

Event Handling:

Basics of event handling, different types of event handling classes like actionevent, componentevent, containerevent, textevent, mouseevent, windowevent and other event listener interfaces.

Java.util – More Utility Classes:

Locale, random number and classes, timer class, formatter, internationalization, i18n with date, number, currency and time.

AWT, Swing & I/O:

Awt, swing, java i/o and string swing.

Interfaces & Packages:

Packages, core java api packages, interfaces and its types.

Autoboxing & Miscellaneous:

Junits, java 8 features, hibernate, file and directory, liskovs principle, aggregration, inference, autoboxing and unboxing.


Generics and its methods, wildcards, restrictions and reflecting generics.

Java Beans & JDBC:

Java beans, jdbc and design patterns.

Java Server Technologies & Servlet:

Eclipse debugging, web application, servlet, client and serve

Session Management, JSP & API:

Session management, jsp and its elements, reflection api, autocloseable, closable and flushable interfaces.

Application Lifecycle & Annotations:

Application lifecycle, annotations, reflection, dynamic installation and invocation.

Packages & Sockets:

reflection, class class, metadata uses, packages, sockets, http and tcp servers.

Database Programming:

Database and sql basics, relational databases, rmi client and server implementation, ddl and dml basics, advanced jdbs and sql escape syntax.

GUI Programming:

Row sets, j2ee programming, rowset specialization, struts, map interfaces and classes.

JSF, EJB & Security:

Jsf, ejb and java se security.

OpenCv, System & Spring Framework

Opencv for java, currenttimemillis() method and spring framework.

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