Diploma in Oracle




    Oracle Database 11g Architecture Options:

    Oracle db 11g architecture, databases and instances, programmatic oracle structures, storing and guarding the data, installing the oracle database and creating a database.

    SQL Basics:

    Structured query language, ddl, dml, dcl and tcl commands, select statements, arithmetic operators, alias, writing sql statements and literal characters.

    Accessing Remote Data:

    Sql development environment, database connection and sql worksheet.

    Using Oracle Text for Text Searches:

    Sql wildcards, comparison and logical conditions, sorting and variables.

    SQL Functions:

    sql functions.

    Subquery and Joins:

    Groups of data, joins, non equijoins, sql clauses, subqueries and its types.

    Changing Data:

    Set operators, script creation, updating rows, delete statement, database transcations, read consistency, database objects and data types.

    Creating and Managing Tables, Views, Indexes and Sequences:

    Constraints, views, sequences, indexes, data dictionary structure, constraint and view information.

    Procedures, Functions and Packages:

    pl/sql introduction, procedures, parameters, functions, packages and records, persistent state of packages, oracle supplied packages, job creation, dynamic sql, sql execution flow, pl/sql block and dbms_sql package.

    Using Native Dynamic SQL and DBMS_SQL:

    Using Native Dynamic SQL and DBMS_SQL.


    lob datatypes, bfiles, triggers, database triggers, native compilation and pl/sql warnings.

    Implementing Object Types, Object Views, and Methods:

    oracle sequences, tablespace, security, replication and backup.

    JDBC Programming:

    jdbc programming.

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