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The term professional communication refers to the various forms of speaking, listening, writing, and responding carried out both in and beyond the workplace, whether in person or electronically.



Language as Skill of Communication, Phonetics and Articles:

Language, linguistics, phonetics types, syllable, constants and vowels, articles types, articles omission and repetition.

The Preposition, Tenses and Subject – Verb Accord:

Prepositions definitions, types and relationship, tenses types and its uses, verb and its agreement with subject.

The Infinitive, The Participle and Clauses:

Infinitive and its uses, infinitive forms, participle & its types, clauses and sentences.

Degrees of Comparison.:

Sentences types, transformation from one form to another, degree of comparisons, active and passive voice interchange.

Modifiers, Direct and Indirect Speech:

Direct to indirect, indirect and direct speech conversions, adjectivals and adverbials.

Sentence Connectives, The Gerund and Punctuation and Capitalisation:

Conjuction, clauses and connectors, gerund and its uses, punctuation types and capital letters.

Vocabulary and Use of Abbreviations:

English language rules, vocabulary basic errors, nutrition and health, abbreviations rules and lists.

Correct Usage:

Ellipsis, enumeration, sentence structure, words differentiating pairs and correct usage illustrations.

Eponym, Concord and Homophones:

Eponyms uses, apposition, verbs uses, homophones and their uses.

Letter Writing:

Format letters, friendly and business letters, applications letters, cv, resume and bio data, enquiry letters, quotation, orders and tenders, adjustment letters, orders and complaints.

Paragraph and Proposal Writing:

Paragraph features, proposals contents, proposals objectives and types.

Verbal Communication, Oral Presentation:

Non verbal communication, dyadic and telephonic communication, social disclosure, cultural events, body language, group discussions, debates and speeches, oral presentation roles and parameters, speech preparation, stage fear overcome, notice and minutes, seminars and conferences.

Technical Written Communication, Forms of Technical Writing:

Verbal and non-verbal communication, email communication, technical and general writing, definitions, technical descriptions, writing instructions, technical reports and its types.

Report Writing:

Report parameters and types, technical report and its style.

Advertising, Precis Writing and Short Essays:

Advertisements types, graphic ads, precis writing elements and types, essays and its classification.

Interview Skills and Group Discussion:

Interview types and preparation, interview questions and answering strategies, discussion and its ingredients.

Process and Elements:

Effective and barriers communication, organisation communication types, drapevine and consensus.

Principles of Public Speaking, Speaking and Listening Skills:

Public and effective speech, speech process, speaking techniques, listening types, effective and barriers listening.

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