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R is a programming language and free software environment for statistical computing and graphics supported by the R Foundation for Statistical Computing.


Mode Of Examination

Online Examination

Number Of Question: 100 (1 Marks Each)

Total Time: 120 Min


History, Overview and Getting Started:

The basics and history of R-Programming language, R programming installation and configuration and console input and evaluation.

Nuts and Bolts and Getting Data In and Out:

data types and dataset reading in R-Programming.

R – Data Storage, Formats, Objects and Operations:

Text data formats, connecting interfaces, basics of dplyr, vector operations and subsets.

Control Structures, Functions, Scoping Rules, Loop Functions and Debugging:

Control statements, date and time, functions, loops and scoping rules.

Profiling, Simulation and Data Analysis:

Basics of simulation, ggplot, r-profiler, wrangling of data and exploratory data analysis.

Commands, Packages, Visualizing Data and Linear Regression:

Commands and packages, data visualization and linear regression and predictive analysis.

Distributions, Graphics & Neural Networks:

Distribution, R programming graphics and neural networks.

Course Currilcum

          • Diploma in R Programming (Online Certification Courses) 02:00:00
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