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Software Architecture and Design teaches the principles and concepts involved in the analysis and design of large software systems.


Mode Of Examination

Online Examination

Number Of Question: 100 (1 Marks Each)

Total Time: 120 Min


Design Patterns : Origin and History:

Design methods, design processes and design management.

Requirements Specification and Planning:

Product planning, requirement specification, requirement selection, evaluation and generation and product design finalization.

Unified Modelling Language:

UML use case diagrams, models, package and deployment diagrams, sequence and state diagrams, package and component diagrams, class model drafting and evaluating software architecture models.

Visibility, Accessibility and Information Hiding:

Layered architectures and patterns in software design, facade, mediator, adapter, proxy, prototype, reactor, command, factory and singleton patterns. It also contains questions on operation specification, design finalization and layered architectures.

Architectural Patterns and Styles:

Architectural cycles, architectural patterns and styles, business and architectural qualities and various quality attributes.

Unit Operations:

Applications on unit operations, analysis of quality attributes of software architectures, review techniques and practice, software architecture patterns and the case study of flight simulation.

Component Based Systems:

Open systems and case studies like CelsiusTech, meteorological anchor desk system and other legacy systems.

Course Currilcum

          • Diploma in Software Architecture & Design (Online Certification Courses) 02:00:00
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