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Very large-scale integration (VLSI) is the process of creating an integrated circuit (IC) by combining millions of MOS transistors onto a single chip.


Mode Of Examination

Online Examination

Number Of Question: 100 (1 Marks Each)

Total Time: 120 Min


Introduction to MOS:

Basic mos transistors, vlsi design, nmos and cmos fabrication and bicmos technology.

Basic Electrical Properties of MOS and BiCMOS Circuits:

Nmos, cmos and bicmos inverters, parameters of mos transistors, latch-up in cmos and bicmos logic gates.

MOS and BiCMOS Circuit Design Processes:

Stick diagrams and design rules and layouts.

Basic Circuit Concepts:

Sheet resistance, area capacitance, inverter and propagation delays, drivers, wiring capacitances, mos circuits, differential amplifiers and single stage amplifiers.

Scaling of MOS Circuits:

Mos circuits scaling factors and its limitations.

Subsystem Design and Layout:

Switch logic, gate and cmos logics, system considerations, clocked sequential circuits and phase locked loops.

Illustration of the Design Process – Computational Elements:

Design process, design of alu subsystem and multiplier systems.

Memory, Registers and Aspects of System Timing:

Storage elements, memory cells and flash memory.

Practical Aspects and Testability:

Optimization of inverters, design styles using cif code and cad tools, floor layout, system delays, simulators, testing, guidelines for testability, lfsr, scan design techniques, cellular automata, test pattern, fault models, testing combinational and sequential logics, pseudo random test pattern and design for testing.

Ultra-Fast VLSI Circuits and Systems – GaAS Technology:

Submicron cmos, gallium arsenide, doping process of ga, mesfet, gaas fabrication, device modelling and performance estimation, fet logic inverter, mesfet designs, gaas mesfet logic and fet.

MOS Transistor Theory:

Mos transistors, nmos and cmos, mos transistor threshold voltage, noise margin and noises in mos devices.

Course Currilcum

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