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Data Science courses needed to get Data Scientist jobs?

Data Scientist jobs involve the concept of analyzing the collected data and producing a presentation that is informative and in understandable formats. Data Scientist Course according to Data Science Course Syllabus helps you to get this best Job. Is Data Science is as that simple? In Harvard Business Review, According to Thomas H. Davenport and D.J. Patil, “Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”. Let’s explore.

In this article, we will keep focused on Data Science and Data Scientist only as a carrier perspective.  All and required technology will be defiantly covered. But I am not going to dig into the hardcore technical part.  Do not worry. Soon we are coming with articles and tutorial articles, which cover in-depth technical DS concepts.  Connecting with us on social media, Comment your feedback and sharing the material in your social circle will encourage us to post more articles about your interest area frequently.

History of Data Science?

With the evolution of the conscious human mind, human beings started story information or data. It began with storing data in the human brain to today into memory chips. Where there is data, there will be science to process it.

So, Data Science is not a new concept; it was always there and evolving with Human civilization. Today what we are experiencing is Varatiy, vast, complex, and advanced formats of data and its processing concept.

In this article, I am going to discussing the concepts and tools, which process digital data with the help of Modern days computers.

What does the DS concept is all about?

Information or data is to collect from different sources. First, Data is formatted and cleaned in proper shape. Second, Data is processed using tools by implementing a statistical model. In the third and final stage, Processed data is presented in graphical and easy to understand with precise information for end-user.

To understand the concept, let’s take an example: Weather Report or forecast.

Weather Report or forecast compiled on collected weather data.  If we have to forecast tomorrow, what will be the process?

Let’s start with simple data, with just two variables, “Temperature” and “Date” on two axes. After implementing the statistical model, we can predict some numbers for the next day. Is this forecasted number is near to accurate?

Let’s increase one more variable, Humidity. Since day Temperature also depends on Humidity. We are implementing a statistical model on these three weather variable data. What we get is more near to accurate forecast, compared to the above one.

Since Weather is dependent on 100s of other factors or variables, as we keep on increasing dependent and relevant variables and data, the output will keep on increasing its forecast accuracy.

Other fields for work where this concept can implement:

  • Google Analytics, Google Ad word and Google search engine is the oldest tool I am using, based on these data processing concepts. And also many other web analytics tools.
  • Banking and finance sector.
  • Helps in Road, Water, and Air Traffic management.
  • Political Champaign strategy and management.
  • We have used for Identifying target Customer, Business Analysis, and Business decision making.
  • Weather Report or forecast.
  • Astronomy and Space research.
  • Collect data for Nuclear Science and nuclear testing.
  • Help the government to form policy for public welfare.
  • Share trading web and mobile-based applications.

Data Science is touching and influencing almost every human life on this planet.

After Understanding the Data Science concept, I would like to share an Iron Man Movie Clip. In which Tony Stark is Discovers a New Element. It can be related to the graphical representation of Data Science.

What is Data Science

What is the work profile of Data Scientist?

Step 1: Data scientists get huge and unmanaged data. And ask to drive conclusion or conclusions, based on provided data. Resultant data should be processed so that it serves the guiding information for the client’s business decision. There is no fixed rule for implementing the Statistical model; here comes the use of your experience, skill, and domain knowledge. That is going to help in completing a given task.

Step 2: Now, after getting data, do data cleaning. Remove all unwanted and irrelevant data. Fix missing data. After doing all cleanup jobs, you will get with data to be processed.

Step 3: Now, it’s time to use data prepared in step 2. Using different software tools data scientist has to apply signal or multiple statistical models.

Step 4: Resultant Data set from step 3 is to present in a graphical or understandable format. These are data used as a guiding force for future decision making that decide the direction of origination.

What is the qualification required for DS?

Data scientist’s job, there is no hard and fast predefined qualification requirement, required for the job, changes with rules of demand and supply. Since in the current scenario, the situation is more than candidates, so less competition. Anyone can be a Data Scientist with a formal qualification in Math, Statistic, Computer Science, Engineering, Economics, Natural Science, Structural science, etc.

Entry point qualification starts with Graduation only. But I recommend the Masters Degree. Post Graduation or Ph.D. with the relevant stream, preferred over above.

According to the study, currently, Graduate working as a Data scientist is 15% and decreasing. Masters consists of 49% and increasing. Ph.D. acquired 33% of total jobs and falling.  You can quickly draw an inference that Masters and above is must require to get the best data scientist job.

What are the topics to be covered in Data Science courses Syllabus?

The process divided into three parts.

Data Cleaning -> Data Processing -> Data Visualisation

Lots of packages are available to serve all these different tasks. During the learning process, I recommend trying your hand on as much as package possible to cover the Data Scientist Course Syllabus. But also gain expert-level knowledge in one package on each three process category. Data Scientist Course and my recommended list of knowledge and software package tools, you should know before diving into the search of a Data Scientist Job.


Advanced level knowledge of Statistics. Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer
R Programming Python
Machine Learning Tableau Desktop 10
Capstone Sas
Flume Numpy
Pandas Scipy
IBM Watson Apache HBase
Hive Pig
Scoop Scala


Are you scared of such a long list? The toughest thing to complete any task is to start it, so start now. Give your dedicated six months. You will not regret your time and money investment.

What Experience and Technical expertise required for becoming a Data Scientist?

Fresher jobs are rare but available in this field. The industry trend is that they prefer a person with 3-4 years of experience with domain knowledge.  Apart from mother tongue and English, your understanding of client location language is going to give you the edge over others.

In technical expertise, you should be an expert in programming skills. Proficient in handling big data and databases.  Innovative in creating the graphical presentation.

Best Training Institute or Organisation to learn Data Scientist courses?

Till this section of this article, you know what skill set required. Tools are in use in the industry. Lots of useful video tutorials are available on YouTube that can help in your learning. Self-study is the best thing to do, but I recommend at the initial stage start your Data Scientist Course with some professional institute to complete Data Scientist Course Syllabus.

If there is no Data Science institute near you, Try for Data Scientist Course Online interactive classes. Well experienced faculty members and study material designed are best in the industry. Unlike the YouTube video, there is someone to help in your dought and query.

What is the current salary trend for Data Scientist jobs?

Ok, now comes the most awaited part, I appreciate your patient reading. Now you deserve to know the current salary trend for Data Scientist. Data Scientist is the highest-paid and in-demand job in the upcoming decade.  Now is the best time to start preparation. In this, You will become part of top-level management. In a real sense, you are going to decide the direction of your organization.

Let look into current global salary trend:

  • Salary in the US for Data scientist jobs is anywhere between $ 95000 to $ 150000. 40% of DS global jobs are in the US.
  • Salary in the UK for Data scientist jobs is starting and above £ 50000. 30% of DS global jobs are in the UK.
  • Starting salary for Data Scientist jobs in India is anywhere between Rs 800000 to Rs 1000000. For experienced and deserving candidates, the sky has no limit. 15% of DS global jobs are in Indian. Next, the IT business revolution in India is going to be of Data Science.

Looking into the above data, you are defiantly feeling fascinated and motivated. Hold your motivation, start working for the carrier in Data Science. Now is the best time to start and get your best out of the available opportunities.

What is the future of Data Science jobs as a long term carrier?

Data is going to stay forever, so the Data Processing and so Data science and so the Data Scientist. It might tool and technique changes with the requirement of time. Minor adjustment and upgrading in your skill always keep you in business.


My article is an effort to provide you information about carrier opportunities in Data Science. In the end, it should be your decision on what to select as a future carrier. Data Scientist job got a bright future and a handsome salary. Apart from all given motivating factor, you should do self-analysis. Is your skillset helps you in this carrier? Is your thought process suited for this type of job? Are you going to enjoy this job? As soon as you get definite answers to all sets of your questions. Join the Data Scientist Course and Start preparation; give your 100% effort and focus.

I have tried to cover almost all point that comes under the purview of the article topic. Please post the answer to some of my questions in the comment section. List some places where Data Science is in use? List the organization you think DS concept can be applied, currently not implement? Name the most popular programming language for Data Science? Also, post a comment about things I missed in this article. Post your question or doubt in the comment section. If you find this article informative, please share this in your online and offline social network or community. Sharing will motivate us to give more effort and come up with more informative articles, tutorials, and content frequently.

Thanks and All the best for your great future.

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May 17, 2021

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