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Will US Government Allow India to Acquire Russian Made S 400 Air Defence System?

The U.S. government has announced that it will not allow countries to acquire Russian made air defence systems. However, India has decided to get one anyway. The S-400 system will be an essential part of its broader defence strategy and partially replace its ageing fleet. The S-400 will also be a crucial weapon against the growing two-front threat from China and Pakistan. As a result, the Biden administration has vowed to take a stricter approach with Russia.

The S-400 deal is not without controversy. In June, a Chinese PLA and the Indian military killed about 20 people, prompting India to request an expedited supply of the S-400. The U.S. Embassy to India, which is now out of office, said that sanctions could be levied against the country if it buys the Russian-made air defence system. The Indian External Affairs Ministry has stated that the U.S. and India have a “comprehensive global strategic partnership” and that India and Russia have a “special strategic relationship.”

Russia has vowed to ensure that the S-400 system is delivered on schedule. The Indian government has agreed to pay more than $4.5 billion for the first set of missile batteries. As a result of the deal, India adopts a Make in Indo-Russia economic policy, ensuring that its domestic manufacturers can produce spare parts and guided missiles. It is a rebuke of U.S. sanctions on Russia and may push New Delhi closer to Moscow.

The S-400 can intercept targets at distances of up to 400 km and destroy them at 250 miles. The S-400 can also engage up to six targets at once. In addition to missiles, the S-400 has radars that monitor the target and send the information to the command vehicle. A missile interceptor is a good air defence system, and there are several other benefits.

According to Financial Express Online, the S-400 systems will be delivered in three phases: acceptance, production, and transfer. The first set is expected to arrive in 2021, and it is unclear whether the S-400s will be fully operational until October 2020. The S-400 air defence systems are already in production, and its delivery schedule is back by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the initial sets are on schedule.

The S-400 is an advanced air defence system. Its radar can detect missiles and aircraft at a distance of 600 km. The IAF will use it to protect itself from rockets and missiles from Pakistan. An S-400 can track and stop an enemy’s fighters at a far distance.

The S-400 can detect aircraft and cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles. It can also detect ballistic missiles and drones. It is also a multi-layered area denial system. The S-400 can be used to detect drones and fighter jets. The system is mobile and can be deployed quickly, and it can protect vital ground assets from enemy attacks. The S-400 can be used in multiple scenarios.

The S-400 air defence system can detect aircraft, guided missiles, drones, and ballistic rockets. The radar is designed to detect advanced aircraft, ballistic missiles, and drones. The S-400 is a critical weapon in India’s arsenal. And it’s one of the few systems that can detect these weapons. So it’s crucial that India not only has an effective air defence system but it is also a strong military.

The S-400 can detect aerial targets within a range of 400km. It can detect drones and ballistic rockets. Its advanced radar can detect and track advanced fighter jets and identify air-borne threats. Its sophisticated technology helps it identify these threats and prevent them from reaching its target. Its capabilities are vital for India’s defence, and it is crucial to ensure its safety.

December 29, 2021

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